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Microsoft's Internet portal. Offers personalized content, with search, news, stocks, email, weather and access to other Microsoft content channels including MSNBC, Carpoint, Expedia (travel) and more.
Avg. Review for MSN.com: 4 of 5 stars
Traffic Rank for MSN.com: 4
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Address: www.msn.com
User Reviews for MSN.com

Number of reviews: 353
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Love the site
6/04/2005 2 of 5 stars
I been with MSN website for along time I love it there is not anything I could change with it.
I love your free onlines games I love the way you give trouphy cups with stars.
No other webs sites dose that.
Thanks please keep up the good work.
Reviewer: Denise
It's awright
5/28/2005 3 of 5 stars
The site's okay,but it's got a lot of things tae work on
Reviewer: Anon
could be better
5/23/2005 2 of 5 stars
too many pop ups , on my other computer i don"t have any!
Reviewer: renee russo
5/21/2005 4 of 5 stars
i use other provider for internet, but my home page is MSN and I use hotmail and not my providers mail. just wish msn would not charge for the chat room i like msn chat rooms better because u can see a photo of the person u r chatting with if they have one. other chat rooms do not have a place for a pic of your choice.
why so many complaints? msn ok to me
Reviewer: K
Starting to make me mad
5/14/2005 4 of 5 stars
This website is pretty good with its Msn messenger and e-mails but its starting to make me mad with the spaces. I like adding stuff to my space, but i havent been able to add a blog for 2 freakin weeks and its making me mad, i would like to know why this is happening!!
Reviewer: Erin
Its Okay!
5/14/2005 5 of 5 stars
Its all good
Reviewer: Patrick
5/12/2005 1 of 5 stars
Every time you go to enter an address in the URL area, the cursor moves down to the search box. I hate that!!! MSN has way too many ads for me. Sorry, I think it is not a very good homepage.
Reviewer: Joshua Conley
web search sucks
5/10/2005 1 of 5 stars
this web search program tries to load every time i boot up and i try to kill it. it is a PAIN IN THE BUTT i guess i will have to stop using msn. i have already switched my internet service provider because i had so many problems with msn
Reviewer: marilyn schuhmann
5/03/2005 1 of 5 stars
Reviewer: SergioT
i love it
4/28/2005 5 of 5 stars
i love it becuse i love baseball and i can get the baseball scores esaly on msn and did i say that i love baseball
Reviewer: jordan davis

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